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Evolution 10X Masterclass


In 10 weeks, You will learn how to completely let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping You trapped and playing small. You will step deeply into your Higher Purpose and unleash your  Warrior Goddess in order to manifest the life and business you have Always Desired.

This is NOT a “textbook approach."

This is a unique deep dive approach to give you the tools and skills You need to completely let go of your past and ascend to a new State of Being. You will learn to leave behind the hard work and hustle, and step confidently into Your Higher Purpose and manifest the life and business of Your dreams. 

"Let's Do This!"

Founding Member, Melanie Tvete, speaks on her experience in Evolution 10X Masterclass and Beyond

Melanie has been with EX10 since I launch my first group! She still shows up for the coaching calls and is a very supportive and inspiring member. 


Close the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want To Be.  

Hard work and hustle doesn't equal result you desire. There is a way to create extreme wealth in your life business leaving behind the stress and struggles of living paycheck to paycheck...

If you want your life to change you must change. 

Holding Onto Your Limiting Beliefs Will Keep You Trapped Right Where You Are

  • No matter what you do you can't seem to close the gap between where you are and what you want. 
  • You attract great money, then it is immediately gone.
  • You are collecting certification and program, more than paying clients.
  • You are ghosting your business consistently.
  • You are confused about "what comes next" when building your business. 
  • You lack clarity around your higher purpose and who you serve.
  • You have the knowledge, but are overwhelmed with where and when to apply it.
  • You are beginning to believe that entrepreneurship is suppose to be a struggle.

Where will your life and business be 12 months from now if you do nothing different?

"I'm Ready for a Change!"

Where will your life be in 3 years if You change nothing? 

Hard Work Doesn't Equal Success. If it did you would be successful by now. 

Instead of manifesting what you want in life, you're manifesting more hard work and hustle tightly wound in a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. 

Year after year desiring flow and ease, but creating less and less time for the people and things you love. Instead of aligning in a way that brings you joy, you are distracted by the "to do" list and how you are going to get it all done. Resulting in more concern and worry that consistent income. 

I totally get it! You are being bombarded all over social media being told all you need is to work harder, learn more strategy, and get another certification you will finally be able to grow the business of your dreams. 

So you drop another $3500 on a program you don't need and when you don't get the results you desire you blame yourself.  And then rinse and repeat. UGH! 


The fact is you have everything you need to grow a successful business right now. It is just that you subconscious isn't aligned with your desired outcome. 

You have the knowledge, but it is your Snarky Inner Critic shouting off  limiting beliefs  that is running the show. You can't quiet her enough to hear what you need to do next to be successful. And she is keeping you right where you are, in struggle, stress, anxiety, and lack. .


There is one thing every Cosmic Visionary has done to create a sustainable 6 figure business.  


They have prioritized and committed to their personal healing and evolution. They have learned how to reprogram their subconscious to align with teir desired outcome, so they can create in flow and ease.

And this starts on the inside. 

If you keep thinking all you need to do is learn more strategies to be successful you ware going to continue piling up certifications, instead of paying clients. 

You are going to continue struggling to leave behind the 9-5 and possibly giving up on your dreams all together. Or even worse, your Higher Purpose


Searching for external solutions leads to ...

  • ghosting your business when you "don't feel like working on it" 
  • not launching because it isn't "ready yet" or it isn't "perfects"
  • treating you business like a hobby
  • looking for validation through coaches and mentor that you are "doing it right" 
  • spending more money on programs than you are making from your business


You can't "DO" your way out of this! 

The transformation you desire starts on the inside, with the Power of Your Mind! 

You have a choice. 
You can choose to do nothing, but by doing nothing will change (or most likely get worse)
  • digging Yourself deeper into debt and losing all hope of any real solution
  • struggling with little to no success. Only finding yourself worse off then before
  • working like an unpaid intern instead of the Focused Visionary 
  • week by week questioning if you are cut out of business ownership
  • feeling like you are the only one with these kinds of struggles



    If you are the type of woman that is willing to do what others are not, to get an expansion that most will never have ... Then get registered for E10X.

If You're still reading this something is resonating with you...

You are beginning to realize that your personal evolution is a vital part of your success. By aligning you subconscious and completely letting go of your limiting beliefs you can tap into endless supply. 

For your business to change you must move from frustrated hobbyist to Focused Visionary.

You have been taught a broken strategy. Thinking that the way to manifesting your dream life is through "doing." If You want change You must first BE the person who Will create that change.

And by doing nothing You must understand that nothing will change. 

Clarity, Confidence, and Knowing

I know I'm here to serve a higher purpose and make an impact but after years of  struggle, I started to believe that maybe struggling was "the thing" necessary for me to succeed.

I heard Lynn's say in one of her training videos, "You're struggle is 100% reflection of who you are BEing. Struggle is something you were taught." Something inside me clicked... I was embracing the identity of being "someone who struggles" so therefore I was struggling! If I wanted change I had to asked myself "Who do I need to BE to Do the things I need to do to HAVE the outcome I desired?"

I knew that I didn't have the answer but I was able to see that there was something different about Lynn and her Evolution10X Method that completely resonated. So I took the leap and joined the Evolution10X Masterclass.

Through working the Evolution10X Method, I have been able to break free from the belief that my struggle was necessary in order to achieve success. I have been able to clear "the junk" out of my head that was creating the internal noise and external habits of struggle.

I now create from clarity and am able to live from a place of certainty and ease. I have even noticed in my business that my coaching style has evolved to a new level of clarity, confidence, and Knowing.

If you continue to struggle year after year but know deep down it shouldn't be this hard to manifest the happy life and fulfilling business you've always dreamed of then you need to join Lynn's  Evolution 10X Masterclass. You won't regret it!

If hard work made you rich you would be a millionaire by now. 

“I AM SO Ready For A Change!”



The Evolution 10X Masterclass

Just 3 Easy Payments of $667

(Just $667 Today) 


CLICK HERE:  For Your Transformation!

Includes: Weekly Coaching Videos - ​Weekly Transformational Homework - Weekly Hot Seat Group Coaching Call -  ​High Vibe Support Group - ​Weekly FB LIVE Coaching - Resources - Bonus 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

CLICK HERE: To Save $204 When You Pay In Full.

Your physical and financial circumstances are a direct reflection of your subconscious beliefs!

You're working at the capacity of Your capabilities.

Meaning, you don't know what you don't know. You can't create a new or different outcome with the same thinking that created problems you already have right now. To create a new outcome you must change your approach by being shown the way. 

At this moment You're operating from limiting beliefs that were created as results of your past experiences (trauma). They were created by your brain to keep you safe, but the reality is that they are keeping you trapped. 

No matter how hard you "try," you will always fall back into those subconscious patterns of limiting beliefs every time. This is because you are trying to change from the outside circumstances, and healing starts on the inside with the Power of Your Mind.

You’ve been taught a broken strategy!

“Doing more” is NOT the way to make sh*t happen.

BEing is the Genesis of creating, not "doing." Thinking that all you have to do is work harder is going to manifest more "hard work."  Up until now, you have only been told what to "do" to become successful in achieving your goals. 

Hard work will not create ease and flow, but rather add more to your already full plate, creating more struggle. It drives you further away from Your Higher Purpose and who You came to earth to Be.

The truth is that You must first BE that kickass Confident Creator that believes in Yourself. Then you can clearly See what needs to be done to get the outcome you desire.  

If you want to find Your Higher Purpose You must first BE the person that is going to commit to investing in Your healing and expansion.

Ask yourself, "who am I BEing?" 

By taking responsibility for what you’re creating, you’re giving yourself permission to take control of Your life, rather than signing it over to a "to do list.” When You heal on the inside You achieve the lasting change You desire.

You won't find Your value in another certification. So stop asking yourself how good you are, and start asking "How can I serve the world?" 

"I Am Ready To Stop The "Doing" and Transform!"

Transforming you business start by prioritizing You!

When You connect with your Higher Self, You blow the lid off this human experience!  You're able to operate from 100% Possible 100% of the Time!

  • You  have the ability to create and manifest immediately because You’ve obtained the wisdom that You ARE Source and not separate from it.

  • You make decisions that take you closer to Your desires because you are operating in alignment with Your Higher Purpose.

  • You accept and love Yourself NOW and in the future thus opening the floodgates of self-love that will carry You forward with more flow and ease.

  • You know you can create anything you desire because you have embraced the power of possibilities by letting go of  limiting beliefs that are making decisions for you in the past.

  • You have clarity to see what Your next inspired action will be because you have a clear vision of your dream life and with each transformational step you take the roads of opportunity to continue to open up.

  • You build Your business with flow and precision and carry the torch and lead others to their own transformation because you know why you’re here what you’re meant to create.

  • You are the Confident Creator of Your business because you’ve designed your life around Your Higher Purpose and stopped treating your life and business as a hobby,

  • You have doors open up for you in ways you could ever imagine.

  • You  manifest Your first $1 Million year in ways you never thought possible because you are able to see it clearly.

A New Lease On Life

I spent years floundering, knowing there had to be more. I continually beat myself up for not working hard enough. I was trapped in unreasonable guilt when I would try to do something for myself. I was at a crossroads both personally and professionally.

After a conversation with Lynn I decided to take the leap and join the Evolution 10X Masterclass. It was the first step towards investing in myself in a way I had never done before, but something I knew I desperately needed to do.

Since working with Lynn in her Evolution 10X Masterclass I have been able to shift out of my unreasonable guilt about putting myself first and have prioritized my self-care. I am a better person for it and am able to show up now for myself and others in a way I hadn’t been able for in the past.

I am no longer “stuck.” I have clarity on where I want to go and how I am going to get there. I am making it happen! I am able to dismiss my self-doubting negative self-talk, along with external influences in order to keep moving myself in the direct of my dreams. And I am able to implement Lynn’s teaching with the work I am doing with my clients in my own practice.

Lynn and her Evolution 10X Method has given me a new lease on life. A perspective that was waiting to burst through the surface. There is only moving forward from here on out and I am going to continue my growth and transformation by re-upping for another round of  E10XM!

If you are finding it hard to prioritize YOU and have realized by doing so that you are falling short on your ability to help others, I highly encourage you to put YOU first and join Lynn’s Evolution 10X Masterclass.

Manifesting Optimum Health and Wealth Comes from Aligning Your Subconscious!

You Can BEcome the Focused Visionary of Your Life and Business once You have Aligned Your Subconscious with Your Higher Self. When know to your core that you "are" your Higher Self everything shifts and you are able to create on an entirely new level.

You are able to manifest with flow and ease. Allowing in a life of abundance and able to receive ALL the gifts that are meant for You. 

You can't do this on your own. You need me, The Cosmic Valkyrie to show you the way.

“I AM SO Ready For A Change!”

Meet You Mentor:

Lynn Louise Larson, The Cosmic Valkyrie

Leader In Emotional Subconscious Alignment


Combining Awareness, Subconscious Alignment, and Ascension To Help You Completely Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs Form From Your Past, So You Can Operate At Your Full Potential As The Focused Visionary You Came Here To Be. 

Lynn Louise is a Certified Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Master Certified 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher. and Specializes in Informed Soul Techniques. She is also a NASM certified Personal Trainer in Women’s Health, Fitness, and Nutrition; an Aromahead certified Aromatherapist; an AMI Meditation Guide; and a RRCC certified Reflexologist. 

For decades she has helped others all over the world with her Evolution 10X Method combines subconscious alignment, ancient healing and wisdom, and awareness to take you places you never thought possible.

Let go of Your past and embrace an abundant future.  

Your physical and financial struggles are a result of your subconscious limiting beliefs that were created from your past. In order to step into Your Higher Purpose and create the life of your dreams, you must first completely let go and reprogram your subconscious to align with the powers of possibility.  

If you are still reading this, what I am saying is resonating with you. 

You are ready to...

  • Take Your transformation into Your own hands. 
  • Let go of hard work and hustle that is leaving you worse off.
  • Leave behind "doing" and embrace BEcoming. 
  • Give yourself permission to heal once and for all! 
  • Work from possibilities, not limitations, to create the life and business of Your dreams.
  • Completely heal from your past, and want to be shown the way!

You are the type of woman that is wiling to do what others are not, to get a transformation most will never have. So, give yourself permission to prioritize YOU! 

This starts on the inside, with the Power of Your Mind. When You learn to master Your thoughts and uplevel Your consciousness anything You desire becomes possible. 

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"I F*ing Need This!"

You Can't Do This Alone.

You're trapped in a box filled with your limiting beliefs and behaviors. But I have the key to let You out! 

What I want you to understand is that the same failed strategy that got you here won't get you a different outcome, and certainly won't get you to where you desire to go!

The truth is, You need someone to show you the way. And that is where I come in! I’m holding the instructions to get you out of your box! 

And You can have all of them, but it starts by You making the decision to commit to your transformation. 

Until you change your approach, you're just going to keep creating the same crappy results year after year.

Come on! You know what You have been doing hasn't been working! You know I'm right!  So stop trying to "do" your way to success. 

There is only one way to get the outcome you desire and that is by prioritizing YOU!

You have to dive in the deep end and reprogram Your subconscious to become a supportive ally, instead of it being that sabotaging biatch!

Evolution 10X  Method is the key unlocking the massive transformation You desire.

Make Your brain work for You not against You.

Ditch the 3D struggle and bust into the 5D world! Leave behind the 3D reality your brain keeps holding onto. And allow yourself to ascend and operate through the world around you in flow.  

Transforming and manifesting extreme health and wealth doesn’t take time, it takes intention and a willingness to be led.  There are no shortcuts. 

I know, because that was me. Always looking for quick fix and chasing the "sure thing" when it came to money.  Struggling with stress created illness. Thinking life was "happening to me" or "testing me." I always ended worse off. 

There is only one way to get the outcome you desire and that is by prioritizing YOU!

You can choose right now to change the struggle cycle! 

You have the ability to make a decision that will completely transform your life in 10 weeks. You can choose to leave behind the hard work and hustle that is keeping you stressed out and struggling.

Make the decision to put YOU first, and become the Confident Creator of your life you have always desired.  Give Yourself permission to take your healing into your own hands! 

"I Am Ready!"

Evolution 10X Masterclass


In 10 weeks, You will learn how to reprogram the snarky inner critic that is keeping You trapped and playing small. Unleash become a Focused Visionary. Helping you step deeply into Your Higher Purpose to manifest the life and business you have Always Desired.

This is NOT a “textbook approach."

It’s a deep dive course that gives you the tools and skills you need to heal and let go of your past, master your thoughts, and uplevel your consciousness, so you can leave behind hard work and hustle, and step confidently into Your Higher Purpose and manifest the money you dream of.

"I F*cking Need This!"

Reclaiming Connection 

As an employee minded teacher I found myself exhausted and losing hope of ever building a successful business of my own. My beliefs and habits were keeping me in “no success.” Which kept me in that cycle of mania and depression. I was using all my energy and resources in imbalanced ways that were clouding my connection to the Universe. 

After a personal consultation Lynn gave me back my hope in being able to finally heal from my past and step into the CEO minded entrepreneur I desired to be. And with that new found hope I joined her Evolution 10X Masterclass.

While Lynn doesn’t specifically address manic/depression, her process teaches you how You are the creator of your life, both “good” and “bad.” Lynn models both master teacher and a master student and she is committed to evolving in the same way that she teaches.  By her example she empowers you to heal yourself.  

Through working with Lynn inside the Evolution 10X Masterclass I have come to be the selector of my thoughts, which has strengthened my connection to the Universe and I’ve found a life balance that is finally sustainable.

If you find yourself struggling and feeling hopeless of ever being able to step into your higher purpose then you need to join Lynn’s Evolution 10X Masterclass. It will transform your life!

See What's Inside...

Evolution 10 Week Masterclass

  • Weekly Coaching Videos In A Private Access Membership Site
  • ​Weekly Transformational Action Steps Homework 
  • ​Weekly LIVE Hot Seat Group Zoom Coaching Call (1x week)
  • A ​High Vibe Support Group where Lynn Louise Is Active Multiple Times A Day Answering Posts​
  • Weekly FB LIVE Coaching with Love Seat Spilt Screen One-One Q and A
  • ​Early Access and Discounts to Upcoming Coaching and Events
  • Resources and Guides
  • Bonus which include guided hypnosis subconscious alignment recordings, and, more! 


Weekly Topics covered inside the Masterclass include:

Week One: Prospecting Possibilities To Create From Your Cosmic Power

Week Two: Upleveling and Mastering Your Thoughts To Rewrite Your Internal Stories.

Week Three: Valuing Your Values to Create Alignment And Flow. 

Week Four: Reprogramming Your Subconscious To Ascend Into Your Cosmic Power. 

Week Five: Learning To Take The Time You Need To Create The Outcome You Desire. 

Week Six: Taking Responsibility For Your Ability To Create Through Becoming Responsive Not Reactive.

Week Seven: Aligning Your Perception And Interpretations To Propelling You Forward. 

Week Eight: Victim Mentality Isn't The Same As A Victim Of A Violent Crime

Week Nine: Interpretations Of The World And Our Ability To Create Within It

Week Ten: Creating The Relationship You Desire To Have

I Take ALL The Risk and GUARANTEE Your Transformation!

I know if you do the work, and follow my methodology, you will, without a doubt, create massive transformation like never before. If you're just starting out I guarantee you will master your thoughts and up level your consciousness, enabling you to operate from possibility instead of limitation. 
This is my commitment to you. I want there to be ZERO RISK whatsoever when you decided to enroll and join the E10XM! 
I believe in this program so much that I am willing to risk my own money that you will get results! If you do not have transformation I will refund your money 100%! 
You have to complete the course, put in the work, give it a solid effort, let us review the work, and show up for 80% the zoom calls. If E10XM just plain works and I will pay you if it doesn't and if it doesn't I stand behind our product. 



The Evolution 10X Masterclass

Just 3 Easy Payments of $667

(Just $667 Today) 


CLICK HERE:  For Your Transformation!

Includes: Weekly Coaching Videos - ​Weekly Transformational Homework - Weekly Hot Seat Group Coaching Call -  ​High Vibe Support Group - ​Weekly FB LIVE Coaching - Resources - Bonus 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

CLICK HERE: To Save $204 When You Pay In Full.

From the Desk of Lynn Louise, Your Leader In Emotional Subconscious Reprogramming

Hard Work Doesn't = Results

If you are like most strong but stressed out women I work with, You've been doing everything that you've been told that creates abundance. But the more you try the further you get from it.  It seem now, more than ever, you are working harder, hustling more, suffering with massive anxieties, and hemorrhaging money to find the cure.  

I get it! We're taught that in order to be healthy and wealthy we need to “work at it.” No pain no gain. But that is a lie and only creates more pain and no gain.

There is one thing that every Confident Creator has done to achieve the success you desire. They've completely healed and let go of their past trauma, so they can now BE the person to create the outcome they desire. They understand that manifesting doesn’t come from “doing” more, but rather BEing more. Focusing on how you are showing up in the world.

When you're focusing on doing, you're focused on external circumstance. And when you're focused on external circumstance you're going to create more of those circumstances. Meaning when you stay “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money” you are operating from external circumstance. And you're just going to “do” or create more of “not enough time” and “not enough money.”

BEing starts on the inside with the Power of Your Mind and its ability to manifest the life of your dreams. It requires healing and letting go of your past subconscious beliefs and behaviors that have been created by your past trauma. Learning to master your thoughts and uplevel your consciousness, because when you do that anything You desire becomes possible.

If you are already living your dream life, then celebrate!

But if you are struggling paycheck to paycheck and taking it out on yourself at the end of every month, then it is time to make a decision.

Sure, you can do nothing and nothing will change, or most likely get worse.

Or you can give yourself permission to put You and your healing as a priority and create the lasting transformation you desire.

So, if you are committed and ready to become the Confident Creator you came to Earth to BE, then sign up for The Evolution 10x Method Masterclass NOW!

Join Evolution 10X Masterclass NOW!

With Results Like These Don't Just Take My Word For It!

For the first time in my entire life, I feel genuinely happy, I feel complete, and I feel like I can do anything.  

Tiffany -  Reiki Practitioner

My biggest take away was to give and receive love unconditionally and trust everything will always be ok. 

Pam - Hypnotist and Life Coach

I have had major shifts in my life! Things have aligned so perfectly!  I am seeing my purpose more clearer.

Gypsy Moon - Reiki Master Practitioner

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SIgn Up Now!

Commonly Asked Questions!

I don't identify as "a victim," is this program still right for me?

Most definitely! Strong women don't identify as victims. I didn't. But the truth is Your logical brain can be telling us one thing, while Your subconscious beliefs that form around our trauma is telling a completely different story and running on autopilot in the back ground. And Your subconscious is where we create and manifest from, so if You are wondering is You have a victim mindset take a look at Your life. If there are areas You feel trapped or are struggling it is highly likely Your operating from a victim subconscious.

What makes students who have done your coaching, and the testimonials I have seen, so successful?

I set out to create a step-by-step method that will help You cause a BREAKTHROUGH in Your personal growth and ability to manifest. I don’t just tell You what to do, I show You. Just like a Lego© provides You with a step-by-step instruction manual for each of its models, You’ll get the same. So You’re going to get the experience of taking ownership for Your transformation.

If I’m just getting started on my transformation is this masterclass for me?

Yes! Abso-freaking-lutley! The beautiful thing about this method is that it works for new and seasoned manifestors and business builders. So yes, even if You’re new to manifesting and self expansion, and haven’t the first clue, this is 100% for You too!

If I haven't experienced "trauma" is this masterclass for me?

HECK YES! This program focuses on limiting beliefs formed from Your past experiences. This doesn't have to be "trauma." You don't even need to know the origins of the beliefs, because we will just be reprogramming them. The Truth is, everyone has limiting beliefs tucked away in their subconscious that are holding them back. So This is for anyone ready to uplevel, heal, and expand!

Stop F*cking Around In Struggle and Join Now!