Aligning With Your Values Creates Success

Are You Struggling With Hard Work and Hustle? 

Have you ever stopped to think about  your values?  Or YOUR value that you can bring to others to help them improve their lives?

Your values, not the ones somebody else tells you to have. If you're like most people, you've been taught the values that you hold dear. It could be through Dogma, parents, school, even employment. 

But what if they weren't yours. What if you have been operating from somebody else's values?

For most people this is the case. I bet you haven't stopped to really dive into what your true values are. This is something I explore in my membership. It is one of my favorite things to work through because it sheds light on where you've been operating from. When you're operating from somebody else's values, you're not aligned. When you're not aligned you cannot create. This is why so many people are struggling! They can't align.

I want you to really think about this. Why do you value the things that you value? Is it because you've been told that you should value them? I often see people that are struggling operating from a sticky icky spot that resembles greed. Because struggling creates more struggle and need, more lack. 

Do you value family? Church? Career? Connection? 

I thought I was supposed to value external things. My marriage, husband, career, home... because I was told this. I'm supposed to value my career, even though I hated it, because it supports my family. I'm supposed to value God and Christ because that's what the church told me.

I'm going to tell you, I don't subscribe to Dogma. I don't even like using the word “spiritual” because it has become dogmatic. It's sticky. It will probably surprise a lot of people that I don't have my husband on my top ten list. And I am not on his. Family is not even on my list.

It was for decades, because I thought that was supposed to be my value. I was taught it was supposed to be my value, but when I dug in it didn't appear anywhere.

Your values are YOUR values.

When I am aligned with my values I have the ability to create calmness, joy, healing. I can operate from another level. 

So how do you figure out what your values? We cover this in my membership, so this is something that you really want to dive in to make sure to get on the sign up for my 10XRRM! 

But I'll give you a little hint, the first thing you need to do is make a list of 10 of your top values. 

Write them down. Stick them on the wall. Get familiar with them. 10 values, no more, no less! 

Put them on the wall in your office and look at him daily. You can revisit them to see if they change. Because here's the thing, as you evolve so do you values! How fun is that?

It's so eye-opening when you understand that you've been operating from somebody else's values. That you have the ability to align with your own values and this changes the whole game. It makes creating your dream life so much easier. You are able to align and operate from joy and happiness.

And the Bonus is that you are able to see clearly when you are not working in alignment. When you are not in Integrity with your values.

For example, if family is really truly one of your highest values, when you are operating from that value it creates joy, easy, flow. You see how this works? Now if family is not one of your highest values and you are trying to operate from that value you are not aligned and therefore you create resistance and struggle. It is harder for you to operate and move through life trying to stay in integrity to family because it is not one of your value. 

Here is some more context, one of top my three values is energy/frequency. When I am aligned with it and have the flow of energy/frequency, I am open to everything. It becomes easy for me to create because I am living in alignment with joy. This brings me happiness and insight. When I am aligned I am able to work with integrity and share with compassion. 

When I am not operating from that top value, energy, I am pushing and struggling.  I am creating resistance.  I am angry, closed hearted!  I can't manifest! 

So think about it! Make that list! What are my top 10 highest values?

And if you are ready to step into your higher purpose and design the life of your dreams, make sure to get on the waitlist for the 10XRRM and be the first to find out when doors open. 

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