Manifesting Requires A Balance Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

Finding Balance Adds Flow And Ease To Your Life and Business

I want to talk about masculine and feminine energy. How that plays a part in your healing.

I have studied this a lot, taking many courses and programs. I would hear you had to find your dominant energy, whether it was feminine or masculine. I learned all the questions to ask to figure it out. Then how to operate from that energy. The reality is that ultimately you want to find a balance between the two. You want to be able to move between them with more ease. Being able to flow from masculine or feminine, whether in work or play. 

I love energy! It is one of my top 3 values! So I totally get it! I love talking about masculine and feminine energy. But let’s clear up the confusion, I want you to shift your perspective from thinking about your “wounded masculine/feminine,” to knowing that it is your wounded subconscious holding you back. 

That is why you continue to struggle and the reason why focusing on your wounded feminine or masculine isn’t working for you. You are operating from your wounded heart. The trauma you have experienced and the subconscious meanings that you have attached to them. They are all imprinted in your subconscious. 

No matter how hard you try to step into your powerful feminine or masculine that subconscious is going to keep you coming back to those behaviors and beliefs. The ones that you have wrapped around your previous experiences. 

Let me break it down for you: This is going to be a paradigm shift! 

You're going to begin to understand why working on the wounded masculine and feminine isn't working for you and once you heal that subconscious identity then you can really start creating some momentum between the two.  

So here it is, you had an experience, or if you're like most people you've had a lot of experiences. Let's call them traumas and let's take the stigma away from that word.  Because it could be as simple as falling off your bike at 6 years old. You get to determine which trauma is a traumatic experience. And trauma is how your brain processes the event. 

It could be a breakup, a divorce, a rape, or it could be growing up with a narcissist parent. It can be anything that imprints as a trauma in your brain.

So, you had an experience that you attached a meaning and emotion to it. That imprinted on your subconscious as a physical feeling.

Let’s put this into context to really help solidify it by using an example from my own life. When I was 4 years old my parents left me with a close friend to babysit me. She didn't have children and she didn't know how to communicate with them, but she was kind and well meaning. 

She had this collection of glass animals that I was always attracted to and always wanted to play with.  At some point she left me alone in the room and like a 4 year old I immediately gravitated to those beautiful glass horses. I started playing with them, and when she walked in the room and saw me she was startled. 

She yelled at me to stop, most likely worried that I might break one and hurt myself. This scared me. I was traumatized. I ran and I hid under a table. I was afraid, as a child I was afraid for my life. Even though she wasn't threatening, this was the “meaning” I put around her yelling at me.

I attached an emotion, that emotion was a fear. That fear created a physical feeling, and that was a crying. All this was imprinted in my subconscious. Then whenever that feeling that physical feeling started to materialize it created a behavior, this behavior was to run and hide.

As I grew up I began to hide in different ways.  It changed and evolved. I began to hide from my emotions, trying to find happiness and external circumstances. I didn’t want to feel that fear, so it became a hiding from myself.

So while at first I would experience it as crying, as I grew older it turned into…

“I don't want to feel that feeling so I'm just going to distract myself by drinking.”

“I don't want to feel that feeling, so I'm going to distract myself by shopping.”

And as it became stronger my subconscious wound became deeper. All this time reinforcing the beliefs I had around that experience. 

I'm not safe.

I'm not lovable.

I'm not worthy of happiness.

I'm never going to be wise enough.

These are the beliefs that were imprinted in my subconscious at a very early age. Then I went through life validating them over and over. So while you are telling yourself that you are operating from a wounded masculine/fem, the reality is it is your subconscious identity that is wounded. 

Then you can reprogram the subconscious beliefs and you can stand in your power! You begin to understand what feminine and masculine energy feel like, and then you can operate from a place of flowing between the masculine and feminine. Allowing the balance to happen striving to find it. 

Is this making sense? Because you're looking outside of yourself. You have this amazing ability to heal and it all starts on the inside with a power of your mind.  Letting go of your attachments to the past and stepping into the now. Not worrying about the “what if.” 

“What if that happens” or “What if this happen?” 

When you are flowing with balance between your feminine and masculine energy you have the ability to create on a bigger level. To create in the immediate in the NOW, not later.

If this is resonating with you I want you to get on the wait list for 10XRRM. I want you to be the first to find out when the doors open, because they won't be open for a long. I want to help you step into your masculine and feminine balance and create at a whole new level!

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