Scaling Your Business with the Power of Your Mind

Hey! Cosmic Warrior! 

Transform Your from the Inside in Ease and Flow!

A Proven No Fluff Proven Approach to Reclaiming Your Personal Power ! 

  • Harnessing the Power of Your Mind
  • Elevate Your Consciousness
  • Apply Aligned Actionable Strategies

Success Starts on the Inside.

Actions Takers Get Results

Manifest Your Dream Life.


Simone cleared a 6-Figure Year!


 Within months in Evolution 10X Effect and Simone had tapped into her Higher Self. Allowing her step deeply into Higher Purpose, leaving behind her limiting beliefs on what it takes to attract money. 

Allowing her to scale her business in ease and flow.


Like You, Simone is a passionate coach, but she was sitting on a gold mine while struggling in lack and scarcity unable to next level her business. 

Simone locked in $9000 months and has been able to create the time and financial freedom she desires. 

How to Create with Success with Ease ... 


When you transform your snarky inner critic into a powerful ally you step into a deep self-trust that allows you to tap into your intuition and rapidly manifest the life of your dreams. 


You develop the clarity to know exactly what to create the outcomes you desire by leaving behind second guessing.


You confidently make decisions that propel you forward.


You shift from operating in the overwhelm of the 3D to integration with your Powerful Luminous Self.

Making any outcome you desire possible. 


Move from observer to Creator in your life.

This Is For YOU!

You are a strong and compassionate woman that is willing to do what it takes to create a transformation of a lifetime. 

YES! I Want Total Ascension

Julie joined E10X and within 8 weeks she had her first $11,000 month, while on a 2-week vacation in Spain. 


She spent a year struggling to hit $5000 months. She knew she could successful; she just didn't know how to make it happen. 

 She was able to tap into her Eternal Wisdom and gain the clarity on what steps to take in order to effortlessly attract her ideal paying clients. 

The Truth Is...

You have the ability to completely reprogram your limiting beliefs to harness the power of your subconscious mind. 


This new state of consciousness enables you to effortlessly connect to your higher and increase your personal frequency. 


Delivering the exact frequency to 5D needed to create anything you desire in life.

In 3 weeks Rebecca connected deeply with her Higher Purpose and her passion for helping others.


 She was on the verge of giving up completely. Caught in a downward spiral of self-doubt.  

  "I found ME again."


"It's changed my life - and I don't use that phrase lightly. It's THE BEST investment in ME that I've ever made."

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Your Higher Self holds the solutions to your circumstance.


When you reprogram your subconscious, infinite possibilities begin to unfold. 

  • You Create the Time Freedom
  • Thru Manifesting Money Freedom
  • By Attracting Your Dream Clients with Ease!


Transformation starts with the Power of Your Mind.

This isn't a ra-ra cheerleading program 


  •  No more fluff and filler Videos
  • No unsuccessful mantras and affirmations.
  • No long morning routines and endless journaling.
  • No countless hours learning more strategy.  

This is a no fluff approach to bypassing your physical brain and connecting to your Higher Self.

Inside E10X Effect

4 Month Access


  • Evolution 10X Video Training Series
  • Financial Frequency Training Series
  • Weekly Transformational Coaching Calls for 4 Months 
    • Specifically for the Evolution 10X Method and Masterclass
    • Optional Frequency Coaching Business Training
  • 4 Month Access to All Archived Replay Coaching Calls
  • 4 Month Access to High Vibe Support Group where Lynn Louise Is Active Multiple Times A Day Answering Posts
  • ​Weekly FB LIVE Coaching and Q & A
  • BONUS: Beyond Beliefs- My 8 Part Video Series on Higher Self Hypnosis
  • ​Specialized Guided Hypnosis Recordings
  • Resources and Recommendations

Melanie Manifested $10,000 in her first month of E10X Effect!

After years of struggle in hard work and hustling, she has cleared out the internal noise and external struggles.


 She now creates from certainty, passion, and ease. Her business continues to evolve, as she embraces a new level of clarity and confidence.

Able to manifest whatever she desires without immediately.


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Hey! I'm Lynn Louise! 

A Certified Master Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists and Teacher Specializing in Limiting Belief Reprogramming and Intuitive Self Techniques. 


I have been helping women reclaim their personal power and create their life and business of their dreams for decades.


My Evolution 10X Method combines awareness, subconscious alignment, and reinterpretation to take you places you never thought possible.

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