Hypnosis and Subconscious Alignment:

Are you the type of woman who is willing to do what others are not, to get an outcome that most will never have? Then let's talk hypnosis!

You Are Entering A New Phase In Life & That Comes With The Need For A New Way Of BEing

You are at a crossroads and know that big change is happening, but there is still something inside you keeping you stuck. You know you want more in life, but for some reason the fears and lack of self-trust are clouding your clarity. 

Limiting beliefs and fears are often invisible, but they definitely create tangible results in your life. They hold you back and keep you trapped, unable to create the life of your dreams. The good news is that they can be rapidly reprogrammed. 

Hypnosis is scientifically backed and proven to be a highly effective method for reducing anxieties, fears, and limiting beliefs.

Lynn Louise has created a highly effective method that combines her Coaching Skills with her Master Certification in Hypnosis to ensure massive transformation after the first visit. Each session is a collaboration, where Lynn Louise guides you through a deep level healing process unlike any other. 

Instead of struggling through weeks, or even months of life coaching, you can up-level your consciousness and be operating from possibilities within hours. 

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Kate Soy

"I had the privilege of experiencing Lynn's  Hypnosis work and wanted to share about my experience. This was completely different from the traditional hypnosis sessions I've experienced over the past several years. This was a powerful and soulful experience. Lynn was extremely professional, kind, and powerful in guiding me through the session. I learned so much about myself but more importantly, my work in the world, and what I needed to remove blocks going forward. Highly recommend working with Lynn in this way if you have the opportunity. It's extremely powerful and honestly, life changing." 

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Have You Resorted To Thinking, "This is Just How It's Gotta Be?"  

If you are like most people, you're unknowingly holding onto anger, stress, fear, and anxieties in your subconscious that are keeping you trapped. These low vibrating, subconscious emotions have been on autopilot, making you feel stuck and unable to move forward.

FREE Clarity Consciousness Hypnosis

The Package: 

By now you are beginning to understand that Lynn Louise isn't your typical life coach or hypnotist. She operates from a higher state of consciousness that allows her to download specific messages and lessons in the moment for your healing and expansion. Her method is  designed for complete, rapid transformation. 

Her objective is to help you connect and speak directly to Your Higher Self, so you can come away with a deeper "knowing"  than you ever expected. She often will utilize regression hypnosis to take you back to your original fear and help you let go of it, so that you can eliminate the limiting beliefs that have compounded around specific life experiences. 

This package is a collaboration, where Lynn Louise guides you to clarity, understanding, healing, and evolution. 

This unique package consist of 2 virtual sessions via Zoom with Lynn Louise. 

The first session will include a consultation to help get you comfortable, relaxed so you can honestly open up and begin answering any questions or concerns you may have. These sessions are based on transformation not time, but Lynn Louise likes to have a lot enough time to ensure your ability to complete the process in order to deliver the results you desire. She asks that you set aside 2 hours per session. 

You will also need to be in an upright seated position away from outside distractions and interruptions. 

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Pamela Bradley 

"I originally booked sessions with Lynn to gain clarity into my higher purpose and to discover the lessons I am here to work on during this lifetime.  What transpired during our sessions has far exceeded my expectations.  I have gained all the insights I originally came to Lynn for, plus we have connected to many multidimensional lives that have given me words of wisdom on how to live my life and how to let go of things that have been keeping me stuck in my personal and business growth. Our multidimensional selves are so wise and eagerly ready to help us if we are willing to go there and allow their wisdom, guidance, and examples into our lives.  Thank you Lynn for being my guide on this journey to living a heart centered, effortless life of fun,  ease, and grace. I am most grateful."

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