Higher Self Subconscious Alignment 

You are the type of woman that is ready to do what others are not, to get the transformation most will never have. You know you are here for a bigger mission and want to create at a higher level of consciousness. 
My powerful Higher Self Alignment will help you quiet the noise of the limiting beliefs that have been keeping trapped from taking your life and business to the next level. It will move you into the power of possibilities. Allowing you to operate at your full potential as the Warrior Goddess you came here to be. 
Together, You and I, transform the low frequency of your limiting beliefs into an unstoppable high vibe connected directly to your Higher Self. 
INNER CRITIC CLEARING: Alignment in 20 Minutes
Katie Soy Storyteller and author

Kate S. 

"I had the privilege of experiencing Lynn's Multidimensional Hypnosis work and wanted to share about my experience. This was so different from traditional hypnosis sessions. I've done a lot of those over several years with different practitioners. This was a completely different, soulful experience. Lynn was extremely professional, kind, and powerful in guiding me through the session. She provided a summary after my session with key highlights and also followed up with me throughout the following week. I learned so much during my session about myself but more importantly, my work in the world, and what I needed to remove blocks going forward. Highly recommend working with Lynn in this way if you have the opportunity. It's extremely powerful and honestly, life changing." 

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Pamela B. 

"I originally booked sessions with Lynn to gain clarity into my higher purpose and to discover the lessons I am here to work on during this lifetime.  What transpired during our sessions has far exceeded my expectations.  I have gained all the insights I originally came to Lynn for, plus we have connected to many multidimensional lives that have given me words of wisdom on how to live my life and how to let go of things that have been keeping me stuck in my personal and business growth. Our multidimensional selves are so wise and eagerly ready to help us if we are willing to go there and allow their wisdom, guidance, and examples into our lives.  Thank you Lynn for being my guide on this journey to living a heart centered, effortless life of fun,  ease.and grace. I am most grateful."

I Co-Create Abundant Futures with Warrior Goddesses. 

Have You Resorted To Thinking "This is Just How It's Gotta Be?"  
If you are like most people, You're unknowingly holding onto anger, stress, fear, and anxieties in your subconscious that is keeping you right where you are. These low vibrating emotions have been on autopilot for so long you don't even realize they are there.   
Often our logical brain can be telling us we have "endless supply from Source." While our subconscious is telling Source an entirely different story behind our backs.  So, it is time to Align Your Subconscious and truly tap into that supply!  
Gift: Download Inner Critic Clearing

Reconnect with the True You

You are ready to take your life and business to the next level. These powerful session will help you close the gap between you and your Higher Self. This is the missing piece to up leveling your consciousness.

Reprogramming your limiting beliefs that have been created by your physical brain, so you can manifest from the Power Of Endless Possibility.

Connecting with Your Divine Soul Can Give You The Knowledge and Missing Pieces to Help You Step Into Your Courageous Self and Become The Creator Of Everything You Ever Desired!

My Sessions are unlike anything you have ever experienced. Together we co-create a powerful transformation within that will last a life time. You will 10X your healing and expansion. My unique method enables you to connect directly to Your Higher Self allowing you to bring home messages for massive breakthroughs. Theses highly specialized sessions are designed to give you the breakthroughs you need to create ease and flow in your life and business. Giving you the ability to stand fully in your Higher Purpose. 

This process requires a time commitment of  2 sessions and each session is approximately 2 hours. Single sessions are available upon request for repeat clients. 

There is a complimentary consultation, at which time it is determined if this is your next step for you. And by the end you have your first session scheduled, and a preparation do-to list. 

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