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Proven Step-by-Step Self Hypnosis Training by a Master Hypnotist Reveals How You Too Can Start Transforming Your Life Today... without struggling with mantras that don't work, expensive therapy, or depleting precious family time.

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You Don't Need To Spend 1000's of Dollars On Programs That Don't Give You The Results You Desire. Or Spend Countless Hours Learning Hypnosis That Is So Vague And Generalized That It Doesn't Address The Source Of The Problem.  With This 2 Hour Training  You Just Need To Commit To 15 Minutes a Day!

And what if I told You that when You reprogram Your limiting beliefs, Your inner and outer life transforms? Hypnosis has  been scientifically proven to improve sleep, ease pain, and calm the nervous system?! 

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Do These Applies to You?

Your inner critic has become so loud that she has debilitated you with stress and anxiety that have left you feeling devastatingly empty. Making even the simplest decision impossible to make. And stripping away the joy from the things and people you love. 

Night after night you struggle getting to sleep and staying asleep. The uncomfortable feelings that come along with you being alone with your thoughts has you searching for distractions, binging on things like Netflix, food, diet soda, and wine. Then punishing yourself the next day.  

You have put your entire life on hold and begun telling yourself that, "I can only start living my life once I get my sh*t together?" Secretly beating yourself up for not being good enough. Trying to find comfort in emotional eating /drinking, shopping, or even binge watching tv.

You keep looking for validation through certification and degrees, have become an education junky! Thinking if you get another degree or certification you will know more and then you will be more. Always left feeling that you still aren't good enough. 

Secretly checking your bank account several times a day. Praying for an unexpected deposit. But instead being triggered by the money you "don't have." And day after day watching things go from bad to worse. 

Wondering to yourself how long you can live like this. Week after week you watch your health decline as your  overwhelming increases. Knowing that it is accelerating the decline, but not knowing how to put the break on. 

After reading this, how many of these apply to you? 

Endless Possibilities Await You

Everything Changed for Brittany Since Beyond Beliefs


Creating An Internal Peace and Deeper Consciousness

It isn't your fault! You're still struggling with limiting beliefs because you have been taught a broken strategy. 

I totally get it! I have been right where you are sitting, filled with the disappointment from all my failed attempts to change my limiting beliefs.

Thinking that there is something wrong with you, or that you are doing something wrong. There Isn't! You couldn't have known it was a failed strategy, because all over social media they are telling you otherwise. 

You see, you can't reprogram your subconscious with affirmations and mantras. If you could you would not still be struggling with them. 

I get it! That was me for decades. But the truth is mantras are doing the exact opposite of what you want them to do. They are actually reinforcing your self doubt. 

This is because you have unknowingly been using your logical brain to talk to your subconscious and it doesn't speak the same language. All it hears are the reminders of self doubt. 

Where Will You Be 6 Months From Now If You Do Nothing Differently?

The truth is if you sit back and do nothing, things are only going to get worse. 

If you don't take the time to learn how to reprogram your limiting beliefs you are going to continue to question ideas you have. Talking yourself out of taking action because you aren't sure if it is the right step to take.

Doubting your worth or that you have anything valuable enough to monetize. Thinking that every inspiration you have is a pipe dream. Or that it's going to be to hard or take too long to create a 6-figure business doing what you love.

Never sure of what to do to grow your business, so you end up joining program after program, thinking if you "know more" then you will finally be able to be successful. Each time only adding to the overwhelm and confusion about how to implement all that knowledge. And finding that you are consuming your days with time wasting activities that take you away from your family.

Doing the exact opposite of creating time and financial freedom. 

All the while risking giving up on your business and having to return or stay in that 9 to 5. Feeling even more broken and defeated knowing you are meant for more, but not sure how to make it happen. 

The Cold Hard Truth is: 

If you don't reprogram your limiting beliefs to create an internal supportive ally, then you are going to stay trapped and unable to next level your business.


Show me JUST ONE 6- figure female entrepreneur that hasn't QUIETED HER INTERNAL NOISE ... that hasn't transformed her inner critic into a powerful ally. 

You Can't! 

That is because they know what you may not have realized until right now. 

That to be successful in business it all starts on the inside. That 90% of business building happens on the INSIDE identifying on a core level as  Your FOCUSED VISIONARY. 

You must first align your subconscious beliefs about your self and your capabilities with your desired outcome. Because when you do that you are able to let go of the hard work and struggle that is keeping you working from an endless to do list, and you will have clarity on what actually comes next. You are able to know with clarity and confidence your next logical step. 

Developing a strong internal self-care routine keeps you in alignment and operating from a higher state of consciousness.  Able to work from your goals, not to them. And for this to happen you need to BE the woman on the inside that will create her dream business on the outside. 

You have to let go of those old identities that are keeping you trapped, and step into the CEO Visionary that you came to earth to be! One that is always confident in making the tough decisions that are needed to keep moving your business forward.

Your confidence and clarity come from action, and to get into action you must first clear out that cachet of limiting beliefs.

And you know you were meant for more, but you feel stuck, and that means you are ready to do what it takes to grow your dream business. You ALREADY have what it takes, you just need to reprogram your subconscious to align with your desires. 


BEYOND BEIEFS isn't like any other hypnosis programs or coaching out there.





  • You will discover how to let go of hard work and hustle that is stealing your time freedom.


  • You will gain clarity on the habits your subconscious has created that were intended to distract you from taking action. 


  • You will create alignment between You and Source to amplify your ability to trust your intuition.


  • You will release old low vibe beliefs about yourself and your capabilities and replace them with a vibrant new frequency. 

Let me show you what's waiting for you inside Beyond Beliefs once you join the training...

  • Shifting Out Of The Grind Of Hard Work and Hustle Into Your Cosmic Visionary
    • Creating The Outcomes You Desire With Confidence And Clarity
    • Removing The Long "To Do" List So You Can Get Stuff Done
    • The Fast Way To Creating Healthy Habits
  • What Therapists Aren't Telling You About Healing From The Past
    • Discovering The Secret To Completely Letting Go Of The Past
    • The Truth About Why You Feel Trapped In Your Life and Business
    • Re-engaging With Your Intuition To Create Extreme Health and Wealth
  • Creating Subconscious Alignment Between You And Source 
  • Activating The Power Of Your Subconscious

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Masterclass:

I've helped women all over the world reprogram their limiting beliefs, and now it's your turn! 

And having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly motivated and committed clients. My private clients pay me anywhere from $3000 to $5000 to work with me in a close intimate setting. 

My courses and programs cost $1000s.

I don't offer anything this inexpensive and chances are will never again.   

But over the past few years I have seen women struggling so deeply with limiting beliefs that they are stuck. They feel trapped and unable to move forward with their life and business. Scared that if they don't change they will continue losing precious time with family and not showing any signs of financial freedom in their future. 

Which means if you never get this figured out you'll never go on to creating your 6-figure dream business... which means  you will continue struggling in hard work and hustle while life goes on without you. 

It's for that very reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can, so I can help you get going on creating the time and financial freedom you desire in your life and business.

Beyond Beliefs is ESSENTIAL to reprogramming the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. And When you finally do unlock your subconscious, clarity and confidence will direct your decision making, not fear. 

So tell me ... are you in? 






Beyond Beliefs Masterclass: $247

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