50 Leads Formula


Discover How to Actually Attract Your First 50 Leads in Flow!

Walk Away Knowing the Exact Step-by-Step Proven Strategy to Start Gathering Your Soul Clients into Your Coaching Business.
No Late-Night Office Hours ✨Paid Contractors ✨Expensive Ads ✨ Complicated Funnels. 

 Financial Freedom at Your Fingertips

What's Inside: 

Lesson 1: Setting Yourself Apart as a Leader in Your Industry
Lesson 2: Back Mapping Your Vision
Lesson 3: Identifying Your Unique Vehicle
 Lesson 4: Translating Your Transformation into an Offer
Lesson 5: Drawing in Your Dream Client
Lesson 6: Testing Your Market 
Lesson 7: Creating Your Opt In Page
Lesson 8: Releasing Self-Doubt

Meet Lynn Louise: 

I'm Lynn Louise Larson, The Cosmic Valkyrie and the creator of Evolution 10X Method™. I've helped entrepreneurs all over the world for over a decade create the success they desire in life and business through my Financial Frequency Program.
I'm a former Corporate Amercian that has embraced her inner Light Worker. I am a Master Certified Hypnotist, Telepath, Shapeshifter, Cosmic Valkyrie, Multidimensional Traveler, and Coach. And my approach is unlike any other mentor's you have experienced. I combined the strategy in a way that makes sense and closes the gaps, so you can create the success you desire with ease.
Inside 50 Leads Formula you will see how easy it can be when the strategy is broken down into bite size pieces.