Scaling Your Business with the Power of Your Mind

Aligning Strategy and Personal Power to Dominate Your Business


Crush Your Coaching Business


You're a Badass Coach!

Now it's Time to Become a Badass Business Owner! 


Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY How To Next Level Your Business 


A step-by-step proven method to help you dominate your business in ease and flow.  

Aligned Action and Strategy


When I met Dawn she was on the verge of giving up on her dream of having a business. She had been plateaued for years.


 I saw her full potential when we spoke on a Clarity Call and guaranteed that if she joined Crushing Your Coaching and committed to the process, she would see rapid results. 


Within a few weeks she was growing a Facebook group and successfully launched a monthly membership.

 How did this happen? 


In Crushing Your Coaching you learn how to implement strategy in alignment.


Creating an energetic frequency of reciprocity that attracts clients to you through inspired action. 

This isn't the typical affirmation and crystal program. 

This is a no fluff approach to mastering your thoughts, so you can bypass your physical brain. 

Because when you do that you are operating from your Higher Self, making anything you desire possible. 


Learn how to reprogram your limiting beliefs and scale your business in ease and flow. 


Quieting your mind allows you the confidence to take step after step courageously.



It isn't just about knowing the strategy.

It is about understanding how and why we use it. 

Then taking aligned action.

For Your Business to Change You Must Change. 


Are you the type of woman who is willing to do what others are not? To have a transformation most will never have?


This Is For YOU!

YES! Mastering My Business Is Priority!
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The Truth Is...


You can have all the strategy you need.


But if you are not implementing it in alignment ...


it will be very hard for you to scale your business. 


Dominating your business starts on the inside by harnessing the powers of your mind. 

This isn't a Cheerleading Program 


  • No "filler" modules that take up time.

  • No broken stress creating strategies.

  • No huge monthly payment with no Return on Investment. 


This is a no fluff approach taking Your business to a level you never thought possible in a short period of time.

"I'm noticing everything coming into alignment. I feel like I activated my knowing and am now aligned and opened to the women I am meant to help!"


Brittnay has a deep purpose. When I meant her, she was struggling to turn her dreams into a reality. 


Now she is embracing her Personal Power and successfully helping women do the same. 

What's Inside Crushing Your Coaching

  • Teaching From A Core Knowing vs. What You Have Been Taught
    • Tapping Into Your Super Power
    • Locating Your Value Through Your Experiences
    • Finding Your Value Comes From Who You Are
  • Finding Your Unshakable Confidence
    • Learning The Secret to Confidence
    • Finding Your Authentic Coaching Method
    • Letting Go of Regret and Shame to Serve Deeper
  • The Foundation That Your Business Is Built Upon
    • Knowing Who Your Clients Desire to BE
    • Attracting Through Higher Frequencies
    • What Makes You Valuable As A Coach 
  •  Pitching On Your Profile
    • Increasing Visibility
    • Attracting Clients 
    • Formulas that Work
    • Aligning with Algorithms
    • Groups vs Profiles
  • Creating From Calmness


Hey! I'm Lynn Louise! 

A Certified Master Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists and Teacher Specializing in Limiting Belief Reprogramming and Intuitive Self Techniques. 


I have been helping women reclaim their personal power and create their life and business of their dreams for decades.


My Evolution 10X Method combines awareness, subconscious alignment, and reinterpretation to take you places you never thought possible.

YES! I Desire To Dominate My Business!