Aligning With Your Values Creates Success

Are You Struggling With Hard Work and Hustle? 

Have you ever stopped to think about  your values?  Or YOUR value that you can bring to others to help them improve their lives?

Your values, not the ones somebody else tells you to have. If you're like most people, you've been taught the values that you hold dear. It could be through Dogma, parents, school, even employment. 

But what if they weren't yours. What if you have been operating from somebody else's values?

For most people this is the case. I bet you haven't stopped to really dive into what your true values are. This is something I explore in my membership. It is one of my favorite things to work through because it sheds light on where you've been operating from. When you're operating from somebody else's values, you're not aligned. When you're not aligned you cannot create. This is why so many people are struggling! They can't align.

I want you to really think about this. Why do you value the things that...

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Your Health and Wealth Are A Direct Reflection Of Your Subconscious Habits

Creating Your Dream Body Starts On The Inside

Focusing on your illnesses isn't going to make you any better. A lot of my clients come to me with chronic illnesses. I'm no stranger to this, I had created my own set of challenges around my health. And this is the reason Fitness and Nutrition are part of my pillars. We don't talk about diets or going to the gym. 

The reason why these are pillars is that most people have unplugged from their body. They are operating from habit, and these habits have become very destructive. Destroying their lives and in their bodies.

I want to dig deep into this to help you understand why focusing on your illnesses isn't helping, and what I mean by destructive habits. A lot of the times we unplug because we don't want to feel the feelings. So we distract from them. Emotional eating is a great example of a distracting habit. And partly because most people don’t even realize they are doing it. 

You're distracting so often when you're...

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Manifesting Requires A Balance Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

Finding Balance Adds Flow And Ease To Your Life and Business

I want to talk about masculine and feminine energy. How that plays a part in your healing.

I have studied this a lot, taking many courses and programs. I would hear you had to find your dominant energy, whether it was feminine or masculine. I learned all the questions to ask to figure it out. Then how to operate from that energy. The reality is that ultimately you want to find a balance between the two. You want to be able to move between them with more ease. Being able to flow from masculine or feminine, whether in work or play. 

I love energy! It is one of my top 3 values! So I totally get it! I love talking about masculine and feminine energy. But let’s clear up the confusion, I want you to shift your perspective from thinking about your “wounded masculine/feminine,” to knowing that it is your wounded subconscious holding you back. 

That is why you continue to struggle and the reason why...

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To Be Successful in Life and Business You First Must Heal Your Past

If You Are Holding Onto Your Past You Can't Create The Abundant Future You Desire

I used to believe that if I found the right city, job, or the right relationship that I would finally be happy. I did this for decades. I would move from city to city. I moved cross-country three times!

I thought that my happiness would be in San Francisco and when that didn't turn out, I broke up with my long-term boyfriend, quit my job in Corporate America, and moved all the way across the country to Athens, Georgia. Back to a place I thought I would be happy.

Reflecting back on it, I can see that I wasn’t happy the first time I lived there, and wonder why I expected it to be the second time. I was always running, looking, and searching for happiness. I thought if I could just find the right job that aligns with my career and desire to help others I would be happy. 

I knew I was meant for more, so why can't I find my higher purpose? I got to the point where I hated that word,...

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Your Brain Is A Fraction Of Who You Are

YOU Are More Than Your Physical Body, But You Keep Relying On It For Your Outcomes

I love the direction that my blog is going. I'm going to start going even deeper and today I want to talk about your brain, your physical brain. And the difference between it and Mind, with a capital M:  Source, God, the Universe, I am, Mind... whatever you want to call it. That's the Mind I'm talking about.

If you're like most people you've been operating from your physical brain, which my husband's Sorcerer explains as the pharmacy of the body. If you really think about that, your brain is developed to keep you alive, to keep you safe. It's a more complex organ for sure, but it's still an organ.

When you're operating from “thought” and habits, this is not operating from a higher level of consciousness. 

I really want you to think about this. That is your brain is just an organ. That those “thoughts” don't exist. They're not real. And you're operating from an organ,...

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Finding Happiness Starts On The Inside With The Power Of Your Mind


You Can't Find Lasting Happiness By Doing Or Having Things, It Comes From The Inside

If you are the type of woman that is willing to do what others are not, to get the outcome that most will never have then get registered for 10XRRM!

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Stuck in Self Comparison? You Can't Go Back Because The Old You Doesn't Exist Anymore

You Don't Want to "Get Back To Who You Were!" You Want to become the best version of YOU!


If you're like most people, when you're recovering from trauma you aren’t just comparing yourself to others, you are comparing yourself to who you used to be. Whether it is physical or emotional trauma, often telling yourself over and over “I wish I could go back.” This is something I hear from clients all the time.

“I just want to be that carefree and loving individual that I used to be before my trauma.”

We're going to change that perspective today, because you can't go back what doesn't exist. And to be honest you were already growing and expanding. And it didn't stop when you experienced trauma. It wasn't even a setback. 

I want to put this in perspective for you. Some of you know that recently I was involved in a serious car accident. It left me unable to walk for a long time. Finally when I regained my ability to walk, I was able to go out for 2...

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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success In Life And Business?


Everything You Have In Life Is Created By You! 

You are responsible for your success, but so many time we get stuck in those old cycles that keep us trapped. 

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Do You Have Hidden Anger Bubbling Up Inside You?

Hiding And Pushing Your Anger Aside Doesn't Make It Go Away

How many times have you been told, “Stop being silly, there's no reason to be angry.” We all grow up hearing that. And guess what happens, we end up tucking our anger away and ignoring it. We've been taught that nobody wants to know our baggage or wants to hear our hard times.

So, we bypass our emotions and don't let people see that side of us. And this is a dangerous place to live from.

I'm sure you're familiar with this state of mind. You might even be bypassing anger so much that you don't even realize you're angry anymore.  It's just a state of being. 

That’s was me. I thought that everything was great, but if the dishes weren't done or clothes were left on the floor I would internalize my anger. I would say to myself “I've told them over and over, so why can't they do it just the one simple thing!”

I felt like I wasn't being heard. 

I remember with my first marriage, I...

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Healing Doesn't End When You Stop Going To Therapy


Therapy Gives You The Tools To Overcome Trauma, But That Is Just The Beginning To Your Journey

You have to take your healing into your own hands and prioritize YOU! 

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