Increase Your Income from the Inside: 3 Part Video Series
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You Are A Cosmic Creator

You are here for a reason. You know you are meant for more and you are ready to step deeply into your higher purpose, but you can't seem to fill in the gaps. 

It is difficult to manifest and build from a wounded heart. You could be crystal clear on your purpose, but can't seem to align with building a business around it. The trust is, there is no funnel system or business strategy that can create your income if you are operating from a wounded heart. 

You know this because you have taken course after course, spending tens of thousands of dollars on programs and still can't step confidently into your higher purpose. You don't want to be in the sidelines, but something is holding you back. 

The fact is, you can have all the knowledge in the world, but until you completely heal from your traumas you will keep spinning your wheels. This is because you have programmed such strong subconscious beliefs around your sexual assault and trauma, that no matter how hard you try you can't talk your way into success. 

Subconscious Alignment is the Key to Your Success. 

Evolution 10X Masterclass

My objective is to shift Your perspective and enable rapid transformation so you can step with confidence and clarity into your Higher Purpose, by teaching you how to completely let go of those low vibe limiting beliefs created from your past experiences.  

Joining my Evolution 10X Masterclass means showing up and getting dirty. We will explore some uncomfortable places, so that you can navigate back into your true power. You will reconnect with your Higher Self and begin to create the life and business of your dreams.  

You will learn to master your thoughts and uplevel your consciousness, so that you can step more deeply into the Warrior Goddess you came here to be!  

My coaching is for committed highly driven individuals that are willing to do what others are not, and get the transformation most will never have. If you are ready to set your expansion and evolution as a priority in order to bust through barriers get registered. 

Open for A Limited Time: INCREASE YOUR INCOME from the INSIDE

Clarity, Confidence, and Knowing

I know I'm here to serve a higher purpose and make an impact but after years of  struggle, I started to believe that maybe struggling was "the thing" necessary for me to succeed.

I heard Lynn's say in one of her training videos, "You're struggle is 100% reflection of who you are BEing. Struggle is something you were taught." Something inside me clicked... I was embracing the identity of being "someone who struggles" so therefore I was struggling! If I wanted change I had to asked myself "Who do I need to BE to Do the things I need to do to HAVE the outcome I desired?"

I knew that I didn't have the answer but I was able to see that there was something different about Lynn and her Evolution10X Method that completely resonated. So I took the leap and joined the Evolution10X Masterclass.

Through working the Evolution10X Method, I have been able to break free from the belief that my struggle was necessary in order to achieve success. I have been able to clear "the junk" out of my head that was creating the internal noise and external habits of struggle.

I now create from clarity and am able to live from a place of certainty and ease. I have even noticed in my business that my coaching style has evolved to a new level of clarity, confidence, and Knowing.

If you continue to struggle year after year but know deep down it shouldn't be this hard to manifest the happy life and fulfilling business you've always dreamed of then you need to join Lynn's  Evolution 10X Masterclass. You won't regret it!

Your Gift: Inner Critic Clearing

A New Lease On Life

I spent years floundering, knowing there had to be more. I continually beat myself up for not working hard enough. I was trapped in unreasonable guilt when I would try to do something for myself. I was at a crossroads both personally and professionally.

After a conversation with Lynn I decided to take the leap and join the Evolution 10X Masterclass. It was the first step towards investing in myself in a way I had never done before, but something I knew I desperately needed to do.

Since working with Lynn in her Evolution 10X Masterclass I have been able to shift out of my unreasonable guilt about putting myself first and have prioritized my self-care. I am a better person for it and am able to show up now for myself and others in a way I hadn’t been able for in the past.

I am no longer “stuck.” I have clarity on where I want to go and how I am going to get there. I am making it happen! I am able to dismiss my self-doubting negative self-talk, along with external influences in order to keep moving myself in the direct of my dreams. And I am able to implement Lynn’s teaching with the work I am doing with my clients in my own practice.

Lynn and her Evolution 10X Method has given me a new lease on life. A perspective that was waiting to burst through the surface. There is only moving forward from here on out and I am going to continue my growth and transformation by re-upping for another round of  E10XM!

If you are finding it hard to prioritize YOU and have realized by doing so that you are falling short on your ability to help others, I highly encourage you to put YOU first and join Lynn’s Evolution 10X Masterclass.

Subconscious Healing Alignment 

Where are you going to be in 12 months if you keep struggling with your hurt and pain? Most people only think about the effects of their struggles in the "now," but the real question is, "what is it causing you long term?" It is time to take out the garbage once and for all.

This 4 session package helps you clean out the cache of old programs that have been holding you back from stepping into your Cosmic Warrior. This painless method takes you deep into your subconscious to 10X your healing from previous experiences.  

Higher Self Alignment

This session is for the woman who understands that she came from somewhere, that she is here for a short time, and then returns. She is ready to make the most of the one life she has here, and desires to connect with her cosmic self to download important messages to help her create the life she desires.   

Each session is designed to take you to your pre-incarnate soul and allow her to speak her truth to you. You will work directly with Lynn Louise to design empowering states that will ensure you bring back the message and power with clarity and understanding, so that you can step into your cosmic power once and for all. 

These are online session that will be customized to meet your specific needs and desires. They are focused on feeling great. We leave negativity at the door.  This session is powerful and impactful. A consultation call is required to ensure that it is your next logical step. 

More About Subconscious Alignment
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