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Connect with Your Personal Power

You are meant for more, but you can't gain momentum because your limiting beliefs are sabotaging you and keeping you trapped. 

I get it! I've been there. I knew I had a higher purpose, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't create a consistent income doing what I was called to do. It was because my snarky inner citric kept giving me reasons why I should just give up. So time after time, when I felt I was on the brink of hitting my goals, my limiting beliefs would swoop in and I would drop the ball.

And then came the constant fall into thinking that all I needed was to learn more... funnel systems, sales pages, certifications, programs. I collected them like trophies, but they never made a difference. I didn't need to learn more, I needed a supportive subconscious working with me, not against me.

The truth is it's really hard to create the business of your dreams when you are operating from limiting beliefs. You brain will keep telling you that all you have to do is "work harder." But the truth is that hard work and hustle do not equal success and the results you desire. And by thinking this you will just keep manifesting the stress and struggles of that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

You know this is true because it is what you've been doing for years, and it hasn't been working. You have been taught that to be more you have to do more, so you have taken course after course, spending tens of thousands of dollars on programs and certifications. And you are still getting the same failed outcome.

There is one thing every successful 6-figure entrepreneur knows, that the most important work of an entrepreneur is the inside job. That to BE the Focused Visionary you came to earth to be you must start from the inside out. 

The truth is you know everything you need to create a successful business, it's just that your limiting beliefs are clouding your path, and as long as you allow them to run on autopilot you will continue struggling. Lacking the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Workshop, Class, and Recorded Guided Hypnosis

These Are Powerful Tools to Help You Rediscover Your Eternal Self and Step Into the Powerful Purpose You Came Here To Live.

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 Discover How To Actually Eliminate Limiting Beliefs in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day! 

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As An Eternal Being You Contain Unstoppable Personal Power

Hypnosis and Subconscious Alignment

If you are like most people you are only witnessing your struggles in the "now," not past today. But the real questions is "what are you creating and causing in the Now that is manifesting struggles long term?" When you stop to really think about it where will you be a year from now or even 5 years from now, if you do nothing differently? Not sure? take a look at where you were 5 years ago and where you are today. 

If you are serious about rapidly transforming, then Lynn Louise's (LBT) Limiting Belief Transformation is for you. This 2 session deep dive is designed to help you let go of the fears that are holding you back. Lynn Louise has created a highly specialized method that takes you back to your original fear, so you can reprogram your subconscious and immediately BE the CEO of Your Life and Business. 

These are highly customized sessions that combine Cosmic Coaching and hypnosis. To find out more click the link below. 

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Chrissy Carroll
I spent years knowing there had to be more. I continually beat myself up for not working hard enough, and then trap myself in unreasonable guilt when I would put myself first. I was at a crossroads both personally and professionally.
Since joining the Evolution 10X Masterclass I have been able to prioritized ME- guilt free. I have clarity on where I want to go and how to get there. I'm able to dismiss my negative self-talk, and keep moving myself in the direction of my dreams. I am making it happen! Evolution 10X Method has given me a new lease on life. 
I'm no longer "stuck." E10X has given me a new lease on life. A perspective that was waiting to burst through the surface. There is only moving forward from here on out and I am going to continue my transformation by re-upping for another round of E10X!
If you are finding it hard to prioritize YOU and have realized by doing so that you are falling short on your ability to help others, I highly encourage you to join Evolution 10X Masterclass.
More About Subconscious Alignment

Evolution 10X Effect

My objective is to enable rapid transformation so you can step with confidence and clarity into you life and business, but teaching you how to completely let go of limiting beliefs and operate from the power of possibilities. 

Evolution 10X Effect means showing up for YOU. You will gain and understanding how you have gotten here, so you can navigate back into your true power. You will shift your perspective of your capabilities and begin to create the life and business of your dreams with ease and flow.

You will learn to align with your intuition and up-level your consciousness, so that you can step more deeply into the Focused Visionary you came here to be.

My coaching is for committed, highly driven individuals that are willing to do what others are not, and get the transformation most will never have. If you are ready to set your expansion and evolution as a priority in order to bust through barriers, then download my Limiting Beliefs Buster and automatically get updates on upcoming workshops and programs.   

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Melanie Tvete
I know I'm here to make an impact but after years of  struggle, I started to believe that maybe struggling was "the thing" necessary for me to succeed.
I heard Lynn say, "Your struggle is 100% a reflection of who you are BEing." Struggle is something you were taught." Something inside me clicked... If I wanted change I had to asked myself "Who do I need to BE to HAVE the outcome I desired?"
I was able to see that there was something different about Lynn's Evolution10X Method. So I took the leap and joined the Evolution10X Masterclass.
Through working the E10X Method, I have been able to break free from the belief that my struggle was necessary in order to achieve success. I have cleared "the junk" out of my head that was creating the internal noise and external struggle.
I now create from clarity and am able to live from a place of certainty and ease. My business and coaching style has evolved to a new level of clarity, confidence, and Knowing.
If you continue to struggle year after year but know deep down it shouldn't be this hard, then you need to join Evolution 10X Masterclass. You won't regret it!
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